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File:Cromlech 0002.png|thumb|right|253px|A cromlech '''Cromlech''' (from Irish language|Irish & Welsh language|Welsh ''crom'' (Irish) ''crym'' (Welsh) "bent, curved" and ''leac'' (Irish) ''llech'' (Welsh) "slab, flagstone") is a term used to describe prehistoric megalithic structures. In English language|English it usually refers to dolmens, the remains of prehistoric stone chamber tombs. However, it is widely used in French language|French, Portuguese language|Portuguese and Spanish language|Spanish to describe stone circles. Confusingly, some English-speaking archaeologists, such as Aubrey Burl, use this second meaning for cromlech in English too. In addition, the term is occasionally used to describe more complex examples of megalithic architecture, such as the Almendres Cromlech in Portugal.
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